Thursday, May 15, 2008


Give someone flowers.

This week I sent my friend Lisa (aka Leafa - long story, ask me sometime) flowers via interflora as she has just had a wee baby girl 8 weeks early (4lb 11oz for you statisicians).

Because Leafa is such a legend she gave birth to Tessa May upside down, the baby was feet first that is - a breach birth. Anyway, she says it was a piece of cake - it's all in the breathing apparently.

Ma and baby are now languishing in Nelson Hospital for a bit.

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miss gunn said...

hey lady, Im at missjameyg.blogspot, not really different, but different enough from the other blog address. Time to update this blog or move on lady! Hey when you workin' days? I was thinking of coming up the last week of this month. xxx