Thursday, May 15, 2008


Give someone flowers.

This week I sent my friend Lisa (aka Leafa - long story, ask me sometime) flowers via interflora as she has just had a wee baby girl 8 weeks early (4lb 11oz for you statisicians).

Because Leafa is such a legend she gave birth to Tessa May upside down, the baby was feet first that is - a breach birth. Anyway, she says it was a piece of cake - it's all in the breathing apparently.

Ma and baby are now languishing in Nelson Hospital for a bit.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Compile a list of songs to be played at your funeral.

1. Greyhound - John Spencer Blues Explosion remixed by Moby.
2. Machine Gun - The Commodores
3. Killing in the Name of - Rage Against the Machine
4. Victory - PJ Harvey (Dry version)
5. Sam - Boss Hogg
6. Naked Cousin - PJ Harvey (Peel Sessions)
7. I Can Hardly Wait - PJ Harvey
8. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
9. Water of Love - Dire Straits
10. Everything is Free - Gillian Welch

At the booze up afterwards I would like the albums Time (the revelator) by Gillian Welch, Dry and Rid of Me by PJ Harvey, and Led Zeppelin II on repeat all night. Suffer.
Oh and noone is allowed to drink Sauvignon Blanc - hate that crap.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Drink tea with Kimpy ...

Talk about the easiest task in the book. I do this on a regular basis anyway - but here it is: Morning Tea at 11 Baffin Grove with the Rothwell/Graham Alliance ...


Have/organise a party for a random reason ...


Sandwiches are my favourite food. And following a recent barbeque shortage, my friend Yasmine and I had a sandwich party.

It's so easy.

1: Get a shite-load of bread.
2: Invite a bunch of friends and tell them to bring their favourite sandwich filling.

3: eat glorious sandwiches and be merry.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Make something with Rhubarb AND make a recipe you have never tried before

Killing two tasks with one hour in the kitchen - that's what I like.

Included in our organic vege box last week was a rather sad looking bunch of rhubarb, or have I been spoilt by my mothers amazing examples of the red stuff?

The recipe to attempt was Vegan Rhubarb and Apple Crumble.

"VEGAN CRUMBLE?" you scream, reminiscing about mama's buttery, sugary goodness - "IT'LL TASTE LIKE GRAVEL".

Step One: get recipe from vegan flatmates recipe book.

Step Two: chop up rhubarb and apple.

Step Three: add dates that have been soaked in boiling water - neglecting the need for extra sugar.

Step Four: make crumble top, using rice bran oil, agave syrup (sweet stuff that vegans really like), muscovado sugar and oats.

Step Five: jam into dish, bake, then serve in Crown Lynn bowls.

Step Six: feed Vegans (they are always hungry)

Step Seven: Bask in the praise of your vegan baking endeavours.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Find your rock Bramwell

This is my rock.

On it is me and two of my other rocks, Jamie and Bridie.

My rock, (the one made of stone), is on top of Iron Hill in Kahurangi National Park. It takes about two hours to get to from Lake Sylvester Hut, which is about two hours from Cobb Reservoir. There's no track, but if you can read a map you'll find it.

It's Ace.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Take Tiny, Beth or Fynn or some other totally awesome kid on a fun day out.

Fynn calls me Aunty Fluffy, often shortened to just plain Aunty, though he's not actually my nephew.

His parents are close friends of mine, and I was living at their place all through Lisa's pregnancy.

I also had the honour of being there when he popped out all purple looking somewhat like a Russian Politician.

Since then the wee tacker has had a very special place in my heart, and always will - so we when I was visiting last week we went eeling.

Fynn is almost seven, and is 100 percent country kid - fit, healthy, energetic with not an allergy in sight.

He loves eeling, fishing, hunting and for Christmas got his first air gun. Awesome.

Fynn says that when you go eeling on Marahau's mudflats, you simply follow the stream at low tide, stick your hand down eel holes and grab the slippery suckers.

Later, he informed me that it was my job to do the hand down the eel hole bit.

We only found one, but it was so slippery that I couldn't get a decent grip on it.

We careered through the rushes chasing it, slipping and sliding in the smelly mud as tourists on the boardwalk above us stared in amazement.

Later we went to the nearby Park Cafe for snacks then biked back up the road to wash off in the community pool.

Awesome day, awesome kid.