Monday, January 14, 2008


Take Tiny, Beth or Fynn or some other totally awesome kid on a fun day out.

Fynn calls me Aunty Fluffy, often shortened to just plain Aunty, though he's not actually my nephew.

His parents are close friends of mine, and I was living at their place all through Lisa's pregnancy.

I also had the honour of being there when he popped out all purple looking somewhat like a Russian Politician.

Since then the wee tacker has had a very special place in my heart, and always will - so we when I was visiting last week we went eeling.

Fynn is almost seven, and is 100 percent country kid - fit, healthy, energetic with not an allergy in sight.

He loves eeling, fishing, hunting and for Christmas got his first air gun. Awesome.

Fynn says that when you go eeling on Marahau's mudflats, you simply follow the stream at low tide, stick your hand down eel holes and grab the slippery suckers.

Later, he informed me that it was my job to do the hand down the eel hole bit.

We only found one, but it was so slippery that I couldn't get a decent grip on it.

We careered through the rushes chasing it, slipping and sliding in the smelly mud as tourists on the boardwalk above us stared in amazement.

Later we went to the nearby Park Cafe for snacks then biked back up the road to wash off in the community pool.

Awesome day, awesome kid.


Kimberley said...


Could you put in what the task is? Or now that you have a camera, perhaps a copy of the page the task is on would do? Merci bien

Bramwell said...

I did have the task posted, but then I removed it because I thought it was better without it.