Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Have you been to Toranna (Toronto)? write a blog post about something that happened to you there.

I have been to Toronto. It was in 2003 when I was living in Montreal.

My flatmate Sara had jacked up an exhibition there. She had all these great paintings of jandals and wallpaper and stuff, so me, her and her man Vince loaded up the Lada and drove for 8 hours through the snow.

The light was beautiful. A huge white overcast sky reflecting the white ground, broken only by naked trees. Sara was rolling from side to side in the back seat madly taking photos with her snap-shot camera without looking through the viewfinder.

"It's so beautiful diddooooone!" she would shriek.

We were so different in our photographic style. She would snap off a roll then look through the prints musing "there's something in that" then she'd disappear into our darkroom emerging hours later with the startlingly beautiful "something".

Me? I'm old school, frame it up, take the perfect shot - no cropping thanks.

Anyway I digress; we arrived, put up the show, drank some beer then went out for dinner at a Thai place.

Vince and I ate vegetarian green curry, I can't remember what Sara had, because she was the one who didn't get poisoned.

We stayed in a youth hostel I think, the next day both Vince and I were poohing sticks, (not a game made up by a dumb bear).

And that's what happened in Toranna.

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Nomadic Emma said...

Toronna will forever be remembered in my mind as the place where I experienced the cookies and cream ice cream epiphany. That and sushi pizza. Don't ask.